Long Term Care Pharmacy

Superior, Hands-On
Prescription Processing

The typical patient in a long term care setting is usually managing multiple conditions and requires anywhere between 8 and 12 medications per day.* Considering the very real risk of drug interactions, allergies, difficulty with administering certain formulations such as pills or IVs, patient mobility issues, and the importance of timely dosages, it is a responsibility that is simply too large for the typical retail or mail-order pharmacy. That’s where we step in.

With Center Street Pharmacy on your side,
you can count on us to:

Create digital medication records

Clarify medication orders with prescribing providers

Provide timely delivery direct to patient’s facility or home, as appropriate

Review prescription orders against others to avoid interactions (and notify physicians as necessary for alternatives)

Package medications in unit doses for ease of administration

Prepare IV therapy solutions

Offer custom compounding for special formulations or to avoid allergies and sensitivities

Provide seamless medication support when transferring between facilities or locations within North Carolina