Long Term Care Pharmacy

Cooperative Medication &
Therapy Management

No two patients are alike, which is why the same prescription may perform very differently across a variety of people. Adverse reactions to medications are an all-too-common source of hospitalizations amongst seniors and other long-term-care patients, but they don’t have to be. Tailoring formulations, manufacturers, dosages, and dosing schedules are a unique benefit of working with a long term care pharmacy like Center Street.

Our on-staff consultant pharmacists work with the entire care team to ensure patient compliance and overall effectiveness of medications or therapies, while also reducing or eliminating undesirable outcomes.

In-depth review of medications against overall health record, including other prescribed medications and therapies

Personalized labeling, packaging, and organization of prescription drugs to ensure accurate/timely dosage (such as instructions in another language, or specifying which drugs to avoid taking at the same time)

Provide counseling for lower-cost equivalent medications, as available

Offer insight for healthy living and preventive care that may enhance medical outcomes

Make dietary recommendations to limit or prevent adverse reactions such as nausea

Consult with physicians as needed if medications must be changed and/or discontinued