Long Term Care Pharmacy

Technology & Workflow Solutions That Deliver

The advantage of working with Center Street Pharmacy is that no other pharmacy in North Carolina can offer you the same level of service, technology, and customization.

As a dedicated long term care pharmacy, we believe in leading-edge software, procedures, and operational protocols that not only improve patient health and medical outcomes, but also minimize expenses for our clients, their patients, and insureds.

Key touchpoints of the Center Street experience include:


An Electronic Medication Administration Records system offers speed, accuracy, and flexibility when it comes to serving your patients. This technology is not only paperless, but also minimizes errors resulting from incorrect data entry, hard-to-read written orders, and inaccurate hand-counted inventory. Center Street implements eMARs on every patient trusted to our care so we can help eliminate overdue or unfilled prescriptions while also delivering better reporting on an individual or facility/community-wide level.

Our selected eMAR partner for pharmacy-centric needs is www.quickmar.com

We also routinely interface with existing facility-centric eMAR systems including PointClickCare, MatrixCare, and other providers.

Synmed Automation

Accuracy and timeliness are two of our top priorities at Center Street Pharmacy. That’s why we utilize Synmed robotic and automated fulfillment and custom blister-pack packaging and labeling for all eligible long term care prescription fulfillment.

The Synmed system can process up to 55 doses per minute, per prescriber’s instructions, unique to each patient, dramatically increasing the speed of service and traceability when it comes to administration. Each blister offers one dose of medication and each card comes in a 30- or 60-count card depending on dosage frequency. On the top of each medication card, a resident’s information and prescription instructions are printed along with a barcode for Med-Pass scanning.

Learn more at https://synmedrx.com

Center Street brings you industry-leading patient management technology, automated fulfillment, and state-of-the-art quality control without adding new expenses to your operational budget.