Long Term Care Pharmacy

How We Work

By choosing to partner with Center Street as your long term care pharmacy in North Carolina, you get the benefit of our many years of experience and our dedicated focus towards serving the unique needs of your facility, community, or home health needs.

Working with Center Street is simple and seamless. Once you select us as a partner, we work side by side with your staff to become an extension of your operations, handling all the necessary pharmacy work while also adding a variety of value-added services and conveniences to improve overall patient health and satisfaction.

Our partner onboarding process consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Pre-planning

Your team schedules a target transition date. We typically recommend this happens at least 2 months in advance of any change over to allow for any special-order items or inventory supplies to be brought online.

During this time our team will work with yours to compile patient data, create electronic medication records, and learn about your operational procedures. We’ll also review information regarding the total pharmacy needs of your organization so that we can identify ways to save you money on economies of scale, smarter inventory management, security, storage, and more. Together, we’ll put together a tailor-made plan for all your pharmaceutical needs.

Phase 2: Switch-Over

As your target transition date approaches, we’ll meticulously check and recheck all prescriptions and patient records. Frequent meetings make sure everyone is comfortable and ready to work together. Q & A sessions, virtual or in-person training, review of delivery schedules, quality control, and other onboarding events will happen to prepare everyone for a new, more streamlined way to work.

Phase 3: Going Forward

In addition to full, responsive support on the official transition day, Center Street remains committed to your success with regularly scheduled progress meetings to evaluate current procedures, troubleshoot any challenges, prepare for new needs, and anything else you may need.

From the moment you decide to work with Center Street Pharmacy, you have a friendly, knowledgeable, cooperative partner acting as a trusted extension of your existing team.